Marcel Wiest is an independent photographer from Berlin. When it comes to buildings and architecture, he dedicates his time to hunting down angles that no one else sees. His work is unique in its simple, warm clarity, and encapsulates a celebration of human endeavour, but also of the aesthetic possibilities of the photographic frame. 

Born in the southern region of Germany, Marcel's journey to becoming a photographer is a testament to his unique perspective on the world. His artistic vision is defined by a sense of purity, inspired by shapes and patterns found in nature.

In 2017, Marcel took a bold step by leaving behind a career in the military, embarking on a life-altering 8-month backpacking expedition. His sojourn, which spanned continents and cultures, became the crucible of his transformation into a photographer. Through this, he discovered his artistic voice, marking the beginning of a passion for photography.

After this trip Marcel relocated to the vibrant city of Berlin. Here, he immersed himself in the art of photography, attending a specialized school for Photography and Social Media while he was working full-time as a photographer for a small studio.

A year later, Marcel made a pivotal decision to follow his heart, venturing into the realm of independent photography to fully embrace his passion.